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IDR Institute

"Respectful and Productive Interconnectedness"

The Intercultural Development Research Institute (IDRInstitute) is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to maintain and add to a constructivist intercultural perspective that is applicable to multicultural and global education, business, and social action.

Constructivist intercultural theory has predicted the current worldwide paradigm collapse and it suggests practical action for establishing a new narrative of respectful and productive interconnectedness.

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Facilitating Intercultural Consciousness: Applying the New Paradigm 
3 days, May 14,15,16, 2018, Milan. Faculty: Milton Bennett. 
Core course

Embodied Culture: Discovering the Feeling of Self and Other in Cultural Context 
2 days, May 18,19,2018, Milan. Faculty: Ida Castiglioni. 
Prerequisite: Facilitating Intercultural Consciousness: Applying the New Paradigm

Constructivist Intercultural Training and Assessment
3 days, May 21,22,23, 2018, Milan. Faculty: Milton Bennett and invited IDRInstitute partners. 
Prerequisite: Facilitating Intercultural Consciousness: Applying the New Paradigm

M. J. Bennett presents his new book: listen to the podcast

In this podcast M.J. Bennett is interviewed by Katrina Burrus presenting the second edition of the book "Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication: Paradigms, Principles, and Practices”. 
You can listen to the podcast:

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IDR Institute
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