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SIETAR Europa's 2015 Congress

We are happy to share SIETAR Europa's announcement about the 2015 Congress


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Milton Bennett at Danube University in Krems, Austria

For anyone interested in completing the basic core course of IDRAcademy, it will be offered as part of the Intercultural Studies Master’s Program at Danube University in Krems, Austria.

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IDRAcademy Goes Global! (But join us at home next month)

In 2014, the core courses of IDRAcademy have been offered in Milan, Sao Paulo, Boulder Colorado, and (for students in the Intercultual Competencies Master’s Program at Danube University) in Krems, Austria. But why wait? Join us in Milan next month for an at-home offering of both core courses plus a Level One application.

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NEW(S) FROM IDRInstitute

NEW SITE! NEW SPONSORS! Read our newsletter.

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New course in coherence

greetings from Milan!
This short announcement is to inform you about some new courses offered by the Intercultural Development Research Academy. According to the schedule on our website, they will be held in Milan (IT), Denver (US), and Sao Paolo (BR).
We are welcoming Charles Hampden-Turner to our faculty and are pleased that Dianne Hofner Saphiere will be returning this year. In addition to participating in the advanced Sustainable Development course co-taught by Milton Bennett, a new course on coherent methodology will be offered by Lee Knefelkamp.
Please join us somewhere, sometime! Send a friend or colleague!

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1/2013 When is good enough not enough?

Answers – please add your own:
1) When events are moving so fast that the enough of yesterday is not enough for today or tomorrow; 2) When extraordinary challenges demand extraordinary competence;
3) When living and working ethically means doing so with constantly developing consciousness.

Read our Spring 2013 newsletter to see how you could join IDRInstitute in challenging “good enough”

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1/2012 Taking (intercultural) responsibility for 2012

On the eve of 2011 and the dawn of 2012, we see more reason than ever for a stronger exercise of intercultural sensitivity in the world. But as we well know, intercultural learning needs facilitation. This year we will focus on increasing your professional effectiveness by understanding the embodiment of culture. Both ethnocentrism and ethnorelativism exist first of all as physical sensations in our bodies, and only secondarily as ideas in our minds. Knowing how to work with these feelings can make the difference between being just good and being extraordinary in your intercultural work.

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3/2011 Refresh your commitment

Stand out from the crowd. New tools for the exceptional interculturalist.
Take a look at our newsletter.
Milton Bennett

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2/2011 Research on Hosting and a Course on Ethics

Dear Subscriber,
Keep up with the changing paradigm!
New IDRInstitute projects focus on intercultural ethics, cultural contexting of international news, and intercultural learning for host families.
We are looking for people who have done any kind of research related to hosting or homestays for exchange, international study, or service learning for possible participation in a conference on that topic in Colle Val d'Este (Tuscany). Let us know!
IDRAcademy is offering a new course on intercultural ethics and additional sections of its core course. More in the newsletter.
Coherent Theory Generates Powerful Practice!

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1/2011 Launch of the Academy courses

Dear Intercultural Professional,
You are getting this email because we think you are committed to strengthening intercultural communication as a field of study and as a practice. The nonprofit Intercultural Development Research Institute was founded in 2006 with that mission, and we are inviting you to become part of its work. Visit our new website for free downloadable publications on constructivist theory and applications and consider contributing your own work. You might also be interested in our ground-breaking courses, announced in the linked IDRInstitute Newsletter. Be part of making a difference!
Milton J. Bennett

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