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IDR Institute

Awareness of Transformation for Leading Organizations


Things Change All the Time, but Sometimes It’s Never the Same.

Our world is transforming at an incredible pace – and it always has been.

What’s new this time is that our categories of mind are changing. Leadership, growth, power; well-known concepts, start to mean something very different for modern organizations.

Today’s leaders must be aware, open, and respond with complete consciousness to the challenges they face and urgently embrace interconnectivity; place value in relationships based on trust, intuition, and respect; implicitly understand the implicate order of things; and revise outdated definitions of power.

The beauty of this challenge is that it brings fulfillment, personal transformation, and evolution on such a deep level that it becomes immensely rewarding. It is a life changing transformation, and there are examples of leaders who have undertaken this transformation.

Notions of consciousness, applied intuition, and personal development in a senior leadership setting are best understood through experience and specific examples rather than theoretical postulations. In our experiential workshop we will invite you to touch base with your core and your potential for awareness of transformation through creativity, confidence and character.


Target Group

Executives, managers, and others who work in organizations and people who consult, train, or coach in organizations. Actually, anyone interested in new consciousness will benefit from this course! No prerequisite.


Learning Activities

We will be guiding you through a process addressing:

  • The transforming context of leadership
  • Challenges to a worldview
  • Consciousness for a new era
  • Awareness of impact
  • Deep listening
  • Close attunement
  • New narrative, new meaning
  • Transformational shift 



Harry Starren studied History at the State University of Utrecht and Politics / Management Science at the University of Amsterdam. He was a scientific researcher, professor, director of a research and consultancy agency and director of PAO Corporate and Management Science in Utrecht as well as General Director of Baak, Management Center VNO-NCW (Association of Employers), the Dutch Creative Industries and the Dutch School. His recent publications include Think like a manager don't act like one (2016) and De 21 geboden van modern leiderschap.

Karin Jironet Ph.D., is a theologian and Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She works internationally with executive leadership development and organizational transformation on the premise that each leader’s individuation is critical for adequate adaption to massive transformation in socio-economical, political and religious landscapes. She was author and co-editor of Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity, 2014, and Leadership for a Healthy World: Creative Social Change, 2016. Her book Female Leadership. Management, Jungian Psychology, Spirituality and the Global Journey through Purgatory, was nominated by the Gradiva Award for best book of the year in New York 2012.



Tuition is Euro 500 for one day, including materials, lunch, and coffee breaks. Please plan on arriving Friday evening or earlier and leaving late Saturday evening or Sunday morning. 10% discount applies to registration in two or more courses in one month, to graduate students in relevant programs, and to members of SIETAR, AFS, IAIR, or IAIE. For the discount, please send simple documentation of status to receive a promotion code.



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