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Internal Intercultural Consulting

Internal Intercultural Consulting: Coherent Management of Cultural Difference in Organizations

Course Description

In order to survive and thrive in intercconected and diverse global environments, organizations must manage cultural differences effectively. Yet strategic management of the cross-cultural dynamic is a competence that very few organizations or professionals have had the opportunity to develop. Increasingly, human resource and organization development practitioners find it challenging to secure the prerequisite organizational commitment for such an effort or they get pushed into an "expert" position without adequate preparation.

This 2-day course will focus concepts from the core Constructivist Foundations and Sustainable Development courses onto the particular challenges of leading a coherent intercultural development effort as an internal consultant.

Target Group

Human resource and organizational development professionals in the arenas of education, social service, and private enterprise, and organizational leaders who are committed to making the most of all types of diversity within their organizations.


1. Understand the intercultural communication competence requirements of today's successful organizations, be they local, domestic, international or global.

2. Discern organizational approaches to the management of cultural differences that are grounded in positivist, relativist and constructivist paradigms.

3. Learn to conduct needs assessments and reference benchmark research that provide strategic routes to the management of cultural differences in the organization.

4. Gain knowledge of key strategies and design concepts to ensure that your organization's intercultural learning and innovation efforts are sustainable, and that they enable self-perpetuating multicultural organizational effectiveness.


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