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IDR Institute

Mission Statement

We know that:

  • The world is inevitably becoming more multicultural, as increasingly mobile people reaffirm their unique cultural identities.
  • Cross-cultural contact frequently leads to increased ethnocentric tension and violence.
  • Intercultural sensitivity and communication competence are necessary to counteract ethnocentrism and to foster respectful and productive multicultural teams/organizations/communities/nations/regions.


We see that:

  • The pace of cross-cultural contact is increasing due to refugees from climate change and war, along with traditional forms of migration.
  • Political/economic/social tension and ethnocentrism is predictably increasing worldwide.
  • Intercultural communication training/education as practiced (in a relativist paradigm) is often inadequate to the task of counteracting the movement towards intergroup hatred and violence


We therefore need to:

  • Affirm the constructivist roots of intercultural theory and develop new forms of post-relativist intercultural communication practice.
  • Recognize a constructivist form of intercultural communication as the key element in the social evolution of global organizations
  • Establish constructivist intercultural consciousness as the key to creating a climate of respect for cultural diversity in multicultural organizations and communities


Specific objectives of IDRInstitute include:

  • To support research on the development of intercultural sensitivity in the public and private sectors worldwide.
  • To promote the idea of constructivist intercultural communication competence in public discourse and to catalyze opinions on intercultural matters in the political sector
  • To develop understanding of intercultural adaptation through the perspective of the embodiment of culture
  • To conduct research with corporations and other organizations to determine their readiness to deal with domestic diversity and global intercultural issues
  • To consult with organizations on appropriate developmental interventions, focusing on creating climates of respect for cultural diversity and on building competence for ethical multicultural leadership
  • To contract with educational institutions to provide contract research and develop training applications for domestic equity and inclusion and international mobility programs
  • To act as contractors to government and NGO agencies that are responsible for local development programs

IDR Institute
Cookie policy
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