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IDR Institute


Colle Val d'Elsa, Italy - 03/10/2009 - 06/10/2009

IDRInstutute co-sponsors and designs the Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange (FILE)

The conference is the Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange, and it is an outgrowth of the Moving Beyond Mobility conference held in Berlin last October 2008. The conference in Italy is co-sponsored by the Intercultura Foundation, related to the Italian AFS organization Intercultura and headed by Roberto Rufino. IDRInstitute organized the research portion of the program.

The focus of this conference was on the definition and measurement of intercultural competence, and on the narration of re-entry experience by returning exchange students.

IDRInstitute invited the following people who were able to contribute and participate in the conference:

  • Shoko Araki, Professor Obirin University
  • Liisa Salo-Lee, Professor in Intercultural Communication, University of Jyväskylä
  • Bruce LaBrack, Professor Emeritus, University of the Pacific
  • Mick Vande Berg, CIEE Chief Academic Officer
  • Øyvind Dahl, Professor at the School of Mission and Theology
  • Lilli Engle, American University Center of Provence
  • Dave Bachner, Scholar-in-Residence, International Communication
  • Laura Bathurst, Academic Director of the MA in Intercultural Relations, Pacific University
  • Steffi Nothnagel, Professur für Interkulturelle Kommunikation/ Technische Universität Chemnitz.
  • Darla Deardorff, Professor at Duke UniversityManager International Programs
  • Arne Weidemann , Research Assistant, Chemnitz University of Technology
  • Judith Martin, Hugh Down School of Communication
  • James Citron, Intercultural Education Specialist, Dartmouth College
  • Nan Sussman, Department of Psychology, College of Staten Island, CUNY
  • Gabriele Bosley, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, Director, International Programs
  • Kris Lou, Director International Education, Willamette University

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