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IDR Institute


Cracow (Poland) - 21/09/2011 - 25/09/2011

IDRinstitute presents 4 workshops and an evening program at Sietar's Conference

In just about a week from September 21st - 25th the European SIETAR Congress will be held in Krakow. This years congress theme is: Interculturalism Ahead: Transition to a Virtual World". IDRInstitute is participating in several ways. We will be sponsoring an aperitivo and world café session on Thursday evening from 18:15 - 19:45.

If you are attending the conference, please plan on coming to the activity and contributing to a stimulating and dynamic discussion on intercultural ethics, competence, theory and the professional profile of the interculturalists. In addition, associates of the IDRInstitute are scheduled for the following activities:

Sept. 22
- Workshop by Dr. Milton Bennett: Interculturalism in a virtual world of multiple absolutes.- Workshop by Dr. Ida Castiglioni: Chronophagy in our embodied intercultural experience: the case of student exchange and their use of virtual social networking
- Workshop by Dr. Luca Fornari: Entertainment education facing new technologies: social and health services embodying new world-views

Sept. 23
- World Café Aperitivo: Discussion and networking in the World Café style
Sept. 24
- Workshop by Mag. Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher: Making virtual coaching across cultures more effective.- Panel discussion on "Culture, Interculturalists and Technology" with Dr. Milton Bennett as one of the panel members.

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