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Institute Goals

  • Sponsoring meetings with researchers, theoreticians, and practitioners in the field of intercultural relations and related fields
  • Supporting research on developmental theoretical models, their application to training and coaching, and the evaluation of the success of these models
  • Administering grant-funded research projects
  • Acting as contractors to governmental and non-governmental agencies, corporations, and universities for research in the development of intercultural competence
  • Sponsoring meetings with researchers, theoreticians, and practitioners in the field of intercultural relations and related fields
  • Posting original papers and other materials on-line
  • Maintaining an informational website
  • Using the results of intercultural development research to promote the idea of intercultural relations in national and international public discourse
  • Using the results of intercultural research to foster development in intercultural competence for ethical global leadership
  • Connecting with educational institutions regarding topics of intercultural development, developmental interventions, and intercultural learning in multicultural and international education
  • conducting seminars in the constructivist theoretical foundations of developmental training
  • conducting seminars in constructivist research methdology for intercultural assesment and program evaluation
  • conducting workshops in strategies and techniques for designing and delivering intercultural training